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NH Business Services Corp.

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If you are goal-oriented, hard-working and cost conscious, we already share a lot in common. 

We provide close personal attention that builds meaningful relationships with our clients. We listen to you, work with you and plan for your success. 

Naijing He   MBA, CPA, CGA
Principal of NH Business Services Corp.

Questions to ask yourself before you come to us:

  • Before you become a “high net worth client”, do you think you deserve the type of personal attention that big accounting firms cannot give to you?

Accountant Bookkeep Financial Statement Review Tax Audit Affordable Fast in New Westminster

NH Business Services Corp. is a CPA (Chartered Professional Accountant) firm, which provides accounting and tax services to Canadian businesses and individuals. We understand how hard you work to earn your income, thus we work hard with you so you can keep as much of your earnings as possible. 

  • Are you determined to be successful?

Accounting is the language of business.


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